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Talking Blender 2.44!!!!

Hi All,

Finally, a working Cal3D exporter is in the latest Blender v2.44
I was able to create a working animation from Blender to Vizard.

Since this only applies to Latest VizardR3, perhaps someone will leave the thread here or...move it under vizard3?

Make sure the skeleton and the mesh are selected before exporting out.
a menu (with 2 options) will pop-up, in my case, I disabled them both, firstly, I have no IK in the rig, secondly, I wanted to export all the actions out in one go.

I attached the .blend file for you guys to have a look at.

Reminder: you need to have latest VizardR3 and Blender 2.44 installed in your computer. .Blend might not be compatile with older version of blender.
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