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Originally Posted by farshizzo
You want to stream the frame buffer uncompressed at 60 hz? What window size are you running in?
Once I have the (630x480) buffer, I can always run it through libz or something to get out a compressed string, then unpack it on the other end of the socket I'll post it on. Plus, 20-30 Hz will probably be good enough to get a sense of what the agent sees (to compare with the metrical and symbolic maps that our research software creates---using the "virtual robot sensors" I built for the Vizard agent).

Originally Posted by farshizzo
A plugin could be made to capture the screen contents of the graphics window and return it as a string in python. If you are using Vizard 3.0 then I could create this plugin for you.
That would be extrememly helpful. I am not familiar with programming in Windows (in fact the machine I'm using doesn't even have Visual Studio), so unless its something I could do in python with minimal knowledge of Vizard or OpenGL, it would be best to have someone else write this for me.

Unfortunately, I'm running Vizard 2.53g. Is that a deal breaker? Regardless, I'll contact support to beta test v3.0, but I'll have to ask my employer about his plans to upgrade our Vizard purchase an upgrade to v3 when it comes out. Let me know.

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