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It would be nice to get this in real-time. I thought it might be possible to install pyopengl and grab the screen buffer, but I'm not sure exactly how to tell the python OpenGl code which OpenGL buffer it should care about. Does Vizard store the ID of the OpenGl window it opens?

This is mostly just for displaying the Vizard display on a linux machine that is running software that interacts with Vizard via an xmlrpc server I set up (using Vizard as a robot simulation environment). I'm thinking the easiest thing might just be to run a vncserver in Windows and view the Windows desktop in Linuz through a vnc-client, but it would have been nice to send the Vizard screen buffer (as a string) through the xmlrpc interface.
Any more suggestions are welcome.

BTW, I'm new to Vizard, so where can I report bugs?
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