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Smile Avatars creation........


Is there a tutorial how to create an avatar in XSI / Blender?
My concern is not the actual modeling process. I can model pretty OK.
I was browsing through the People Pak and none of the model would be suitable for my project. Actually, they all look too clean, like people in the office. What I want to create is somewhere between butcher <-> Garbageman.

What I want to know is how to prepare an avatar for Vizard.
How do I set up the animation? do I put All animations in one timeline? or do I split them up in non linear animation editor? does it have number of armature/bone limit? Do I animate run as in movie production (translation+running animation) or in games (running on the spot and use script to translate)? Do I need extra bones to attach static object to the avatar? let say, the avatar is holding a garbage can?

I think I've asked too many things in one go. Thanks for your help.

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