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joints/spin objects

Hi guys,

Currently working on a large fixture that has quite a few movable objects, which is not so great in terms of work for me.
Anyway, I need to the objects to move in and out when selected and I just can't seem to get it set up so that the objects are moving from the right point. I.e. the center point. I need to be able to either set a new centre point or perhaps links the point to a fixed point...?!? Any ideas?

I will post the code I've been using to do this later along with images of the scene graph. If I was able to set a new centre point that would be great, but under each part I have hundreds of nodes that make up the entire movable part, so it's a but much too call all these and set a new centre point for each (also they have been exported from catia to work format so I alsohave to rename all the nodes).

Any ideas or thoughts people, please?
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