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Originally Posted by farshizzo View Post
Quad buffering is usually enabled through the Manage 3D settings page of the nVidia control panel. There should be an option labeled Stereo - Enable, which you will need to enable. However, I don't believe quad buffering is supported on the nVidia NVS series drivers. It's usually only supported on the Quadro series.

However, most 3D capable TVs support side-by-side and top-bottom stereo modes, which Vizard can output on all graphics cards. Just use the viz.STEREO_3DTV_SIDE_BY_SIDE or viz.STEREO_3DTV_TOP_AND_BOTTOM stereo modes. Be aware that these modes will cause you to lose half the available resolution since each half is stretched to fit the entire screen.

I'll give that a shot. Thanks.
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