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Smile Applying textures to objects made in Blender

I am trying to understand how to take objects that are designed in Blender and use them in Vizard. I have started with a simple cube as a 3d object using Blender. I created a UV map and the texture appears in blender after I render the object. The problem is I can't get the appropriate textures onto the object in Vizard. I'll list my strategies, and if you think you may know the problem with my approach, or the solution to creating an object/UV map in blender and then exporting it to Vizard, please help!

1) The object in blender is associated with the correctly defined UV map and texture which appears when I render the file. When I export the file to a .vrl, the textures are no longer there. Of course, I can define a texture object in vizard and apply the texture directly to the cube, but it seems as though the UV map has changed because there is a unnatural joining of textures on the face of the cube as opposed to the edges (it looks like there is a diagonal line that stretches from the node of one corner of the face to another).

2) I have created a UV map in blender, exported the map to a .png file, and then I have tried to load apply the texture as an object to the cube in Vizard. Once I run the script, the object appears, but it is translucent. I can see the lines of what I assume to be are the edges from the UV map. But they are obviously scaled in some strange way, and I'm not sure what's wrong.

*I have chosen to start with a cube so that I can better understand this blender-to-vizard object creation process by simplifying the concepts that I am struggling with. Thanks
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