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wiimote and sensor bar

hey guys,
so my lab wants to start using the wiimote for different experiments. for one of the experiments we want to use the wiimote for pointing tasks while in VR with tracking (head and body). so a few questions: we haven't purchased the sensor bar yet. The sensor bar that comes with the wii plugs into the wii for power, so is there a wired sensor bar that plugs into a regular socket for power or would we have to jerry rig our own power source (which should be pretty simple)? i've found a couple wireless sensor bars that run on battery also, would this be the best solution? Also, with the sensor bar, what is the angular range the wiimote will be able to accurately give pointing responses? e.g. if the sensor bar is directly in front of the subject, does that mean the angular range would be at most 180 degrees in front? if that is the case is using multiple sensor bars an option if we want a full 360 degree range? thanks in advance.

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