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Andy Beall tried to implement a new function for the project I am working on but it does not work and he is currently away. I thought maybe you could help me with it. Basically you will find attached the files he sent me and following is the email he sent along. However the new function viz.noprojection is not working since, as soon as an object is loaded, it is viewed correctly, when it should not.


Here's the updated version of winviz and
You'll need to use these to replace their existing counterparts in the
/vizard folder (in the /vizard/bin and /vizard folders, respectively).

There's a new viz command called viz.noprojection(). Calling that
toggles between locking the GL_PROJECTION matrix as the identity or the
standard perspective camera. Applying the command pretty much
obliterates the rendering for now until you figure out how to combine
the PROJECTION and MODELVIEW together.

There's a script called in the /vizard/tutorial folder that
shows how to use transform object and the update() command to replace
the MODELVIEW matrix with an arbitrary 4x4 matrix.

Since I haven't actually tried updating with a combined PROJECTION and
MODELVIEW myself, I'd suggest doing a few real simple examples (maybe
see GL Redbook) to just verify that the overall theory does indeed work.
If you're having trouble, then either we are off on how to go about this
or there's something wrong with what I've done. Anyway, let me know
before you spend too much time thrashing.

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