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Yes, Vizard certainly does support active (frame-sequential) stereo. If you're running on graphics hardware that has OpenGL stereo support (i.e., quad buffers) then you simply issue:


This will trigger stereo mode to run as you desire.

If you're intending to run on a consumer level graphics card that does not support hardware level quad buffering, then you'll need to obtain a stereo driver that is compatible with your graphics card and graphics driver. We only have experience with nVidia's consumer stereo drivers. These are not 100% reliable and for any professional active stereo installation, a true quad buffering card is a must.

One last caveat, QUAD_BUFFER will work in either windowed or fullscreen mode. The consumer level stereo driver by nVidia only works in fullscreen mode, so with the trial version of Vizard the only limitation that will affect you is the fact that fullscreen mode last for only 10 sec in the evaluation version.

Let us know if you have remaining questions.
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