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Regarding reloading methods called earlier

Hi Jeff,
Pls assist me for the follwing problems i m facing:
1)I have 1 single
2)I have used event class for the SENSOR_DOWN_EVENT with a count variable,incremented for every new function load.

3)The functionality is as follows:-
a)On wand SENSOR_DOWN_EVENT i will be moving to topview,with count=1
b)On again wand SENSOR_DOWN_EVENT i will be moving to floorview,with count=2
c)On again wand SENSOR_DOWN_EVENT i will be moving to clubhouse,with count=3
d)The problem is here,On count=3,i m setting count=1,so that the floor view again gets loaded from clubhouse and same again i can switch back from floor view to clubhouse.I m not getting the exact solution for the problem.

Note:I want to the same can also be applied back from floor view topview,
floor view to hospital,again back from hospital to floorview and same for other switches for school and malls.

Pls assist me and i want to know is there any problem with python vizard if a vizconnect or method get loaded it cannot be referenced again back?

I m attaching the the single combined script for the reference.
Pls assist me for how to proceed further.
It would be a great pleasure if u can send me updated code rference which can do trick for me..

Waiting for ur reply.
Thanx & Regards

Mr.Rajnish Vishwakarma
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