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I'm trying to do a "rough" collision detection / prediction for all avatars in the scene and the MainView. I want to offload this to a new process to avoid decreasing the frame update time. I know that Vizard has a collision detection but as I understand it its checks all scene objects and also enables gravity. It also doesn't predict possible collision so that a avoidance technique can be employed.

I've also have a network thread running off the side as a subprocess just as a check if subprocesses works as expected. This already seems to have a positive effect on the framerates especially the frame drop downs that sometimes occurred with heavy network traffic. I hope in the future to also switch to TCP instead of UDP employed by Vizard because I have some problems with disappearing network messages.

Subprocess seems to be a very interesting solution because Python only loades one processor core and subprocesses allows me to use more power from a modern day pc.
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