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Multiprocessing Process

To get the Multiprocessing.Process functionality working with the vizard python you have to change

on line 184: if sys.executable.lower().endswith('pythonservice.exe '):
in to
if sys.executable.lower().endswith('winviz.exe'):

or use these lines in the .py file with the Process call and classes:
import sys
sys.executable = "pythonservice.exe"

Both are a bit of a hacky way to get things working. Is there a better way supported by vizard to launch process that run on other cores in your PC?

Another problem is that the launced processes can't import viz. this limits the objects you can access in the other processes. I would understand that you might want to avoid that because vizard classes are not thread-safe but reading out some values like .getPosition(viz.ABS_GLOBAL) would be nice for the other threads.

Is there a way to get the viz functionality working in the other threads?
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