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imported 3DModel - Color Write - Problem

Hi there,

I am quite new in developing 3D worlds.

few days ago I discovered the <node3d>.Color_Write function in vizard which makes objects disappear but still interaction with my scene. So finally I could handle my goal, letting moving objects of my scene disappear behind a part of my background (a photorealistic 360 panorama).
As an example: There is a tree in my background and I want this tree occluding another moving object in my scene. Therefor I put a "dummy object" in front of this tree and use the "disable color_write function". The result will be that it seems that this tree is occluding the object but in reality the dummy object is doing the job.

So far so good. Everything works out fine as long as I use pre installed objects of vizard(e.g. wall.wrl).
But in the end I will need to use my own created "3d dummy objects" which will have excatly the contour of the background object.

I decided to creat these very simply dummy objects with blender.

My promblem is now that when I import these objects from blender the "Color_Write" function does not work any more. I think I messed up the 3DObject settings or something went wrong with the import process.

Is there somebody out there who can help me with that?
What do I have to take care of?
What settings does the 3D object need? (e.g. solid, mesh, texture,colour, other settings)
What is actually the best import format so that these characteristics do not get lost wile exporting them from blender and importing them into vizard?

Thx a lot for your help
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