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Many thanks for the reply, your post does clear up alot!

I do have further questions though.

I've followed that guide I posted in my first post and set up the SDK in my copy of VS2008 (thankfully I had a copy!). I've added the code to create a dle file to test if the sample code works (which it does) although I get a pop up asking me about a Executable for the debug session. My question here is how would I add the .h files for the HapticMaster? Would this be via the "Project -> Properties" way or hard coded into "MyExtension.cpp"? I'm guessing so long as the cpp file finds the HapticMaster commands it doesn't matter.

I take it that overwriting getPosition, getOrientation etc would be coded in MyExtension.cpp? The getPosition part will be easy I would use the code I used in my Ogre app, however I have a ADL Gimball attached to the HapticMaster which allows the arm to be controlled which uses 3 pot sensors to gather additional values. I take it that the code from the HapticMaster API to get these 3 values should be stored into getOrientation?

Connection to the HapticMaster needed to obtain these values via a network connection. I take it just like my Ogre app I define this connection along with any other variables at the top of MyExtension.cpp just like any program?

I'll have a go now and try to get it working, thanks to your post it seems alot clearer. It also means that now I know I can get the HapticMaster to work with Vizard4.0 we can put an order in.

Many thanks, and I'm sure I will be back with any questions etc
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