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Hi again,

ok so after a while we tried this glove again.

We are making progress, but it still does not work.

What is working now:
- the DCU shows the cybertouch glove and its movements correctly
- in the DCU we can do the test stuff and the vibrators all work fine
- we can load the immersion.dle now (I installed the latest update VirtualHandSDKSetupV2_10.exe of the SDK from this site

The problem:
- When adding this line

glove = immersion.addCyberTouch()

we get this error:

************************************************** ********
** Loading
************************************************** ********
immersion.dle Immersion Extension
** ERROR: Failed to connect to CyberTouch. Make sure Device Manager is running.
Initialization Failure NETWORK: APPEARS TO BE DISCONNECTED(-101) for C:\Program Files (x86)\Immersion Corporation\VirtualHand\

** ERROR: Failed to create extension sensor with immersion.dle
** Load Time: 0.23 seconds

The DCU is running, it shows a glove.

Could it lie in the fact that we use 32bit-Vizard, but only have 64bit-Virtual Hand SDK? If so, how can we solve it?

We have installed the VirtualHand SDK from the CD in this folder:
C:\Program Files\CyberGlove Systems\VirtualHand SDK

but the update installed itself into this folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Immersion Corporation\VirtualHand.
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