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default start position

we're using keyboard commands to get around our environment. the default starting location is (0,0,0), but that location interferes with some things we have in the environment. we would like to be able to shift the starting position to another position we have defined.

here is the code we have tried so far. it will move the start position view, but then keyboard commands don't move. it also clearly thinks that it is the position (0,0,0) based on some sound commands that we have going. it doesn't give any error message.

elif keyControl == 2:
	headTrack = viztracker.Keyboard6DOF(forward=viz.KEY_UP,backward=viz.KEY_DOWN,turnRight=viz.KEY_RIGHT,turnLeft=viz.KEY_LEFT)
	link =, view)
	viz.eyeheight(1.5) #sets the eyeheight for keyboard control to 1.5 m
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