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We use position and orientation tracking in our code. We use a function like this:

import viztracker

isense = viz.add('intersense.dls')
vrpn = viz.add('vrpn7.dle')

marker = vrpn.addTracker('PPT0@' + PPT_HOSTNAME,sensor=0)

view = viz.MainView

def checkHead():
ori = isense.get()
pos = marker.getPosition()
vizact.onupdate(0, checkHead)

But I'm sure there are other ways to accomplish the same thing, like using a timer callback.

We had trouble at first because we hadn't set PPT_HOSTNAME correctly. This should be the name of your PPT computer, which in Win XP you can find under the Properties if you right-click on My Computer.

Hope that it useful to you.
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