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intersection with texquad


If we use texquads as objects that intersect with a ray from the vive controller, is there a way to change the names of the texquads to have something other than "drawable"? Already tried hardcoding the name to something like below, but didn't work:
myTexQuad = viz.addTexQuad(size=[1.21, 1.71]) = "texQuadCustomName"

The intersection with the vive controller is the standard function from the worldviz example for vive that shipped with vizard (below). It returns the intersected object, which could be a VizChild or a VizTexQuad.

def IntersectController(controller):
"""Perform intersection using controller"""
line = controller.model.getLineForward(viz.ABS_GLOBAL, length=100.0)
return viz.intersect(line.begin, line.end)
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