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hi Jeff,

I have now confirmed that the markers do not seem to swap IDs (at least, if the 'ppt_left' and 'ppt_right' always refer to the same physical marker).
I had the following code run during a run of my experiment:
def debugVizConnectOpticalHeading():
	import vizconnect, viztask
	# collect raw position and orientation info, as well as merged result
	while True:
		samp = [d.time] + vizconnect.getRawTracker('ppt_left').getPosition() + vizconnect.getRawTracker('ppt_right').getPosition() + vizconnect.getRawTracker('dk2').getEuler() + vizconnect.getRawTracker('head_tracker').getPosition() + vizconnect.getRawTracker('head_tracker').getEuler()
		# print samp to cmd
		d = yield viztask.waitDraw()
Looking at the results, when my head turned, all that changed was the yaw, not the position of the ppt_left and ppt_right or anything else like that. I have sent a plot of the data and the recorded data to your email.

All the best,
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