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exact copy of mainview in second window

First-off, I am not sure if mainview is the right term given my problem.

The main view that people see in my code contains both objects in the world and a few objects draw on the screen (parent=viz.SCREEN).

I have a debug window open on another monitor so that I can see what is going on in the HMD. I didn't specify it's view and scene as they default to MainView and MainScene, which is what I want (I did set .fov and such on the window to make sure things look ok). I see the virtual environment in my debug window. However, the onscreen objects are not visible. More specifically, interestingly, on-screen text is, but on-screen vizshapes are not.

Is there a way to have an exact copy of the MainWindow displayed in another window, so including all on-screen objects and such? Its fine if its only the left eye or the right eye. I furthermore do want to be able to overlay some other information (a vizinfo.add() panel) on the debug screen only. The debug screen has the same resolution as the HMD's panel for one eye.

This is all with Vizard 4, up to date.

Thanks a lot for any help you can provide.
All the best,
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