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Performance Factors for On-The-Fly-Objects

Hi Vizard Online Support Team,

I had a question regarding the performance penalties associated with "on-the-fly" objects. Specifically, how to increase performance for a terrain asset.

I have been reviewing terrain generating algorithms (specifically for DirectX)
and one key area that is continually pounded upon is the number of polys being
sent to the pushed out at a time. In these examples they slice up a large
terrain generated by a displacement map into smaller objects for optimization

I am wanting to bring this algorithm into Vizard to generate my own terrain and
was wondering if you could give any heads up on the best course I should
take with an on-the-fly object.

Should I just cram all the polys into one object and let Vizard handle it,
splice them up and see if I gain any performance value, or some other
solution that you gurus at Vizard probably are aware of that I am not.

Also, another question that I've had is the use of index buffers and vertex
buffers inside of Vizard. For something like this, the benefits are noticeable
and I was wondering if Vizard had any support for this natively.

Thank You,
George L.
Rowan University VR Lab
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