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The VRPN base is vrpn_06_06.beta9. It was the only 6.6 I could find on their site.

The reason I changed the format to a class was so that the callback would be called again and again and the users that import the dll into python would have access to the most currently recorded position data. It looked like the skeleton provided wouldn't store that data or keep running.

As well the requirements for wrapping that code into an importable module for python required the restructuring from what I could tell. I assume from what I have read that the import in python extensions calls an intializer method once, which makes sense to me to be the spot to make the connection to the tracker. Then have a method that allows the users to fetch the data, hence the getPosition in the above code segments. As well, from what I have read, the callback has to be something that can be called by the VRPN separately so I just had that write the most recent data into the classes data member that would be returned on request.

Does this sound right or completely off base?

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