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Each camera will display the model correctly according to it's own point of view. Viewing the models in 2 windows, each with a different camera view will look correct:

import viz
import vizshape

ar = viz.add('artoolkit.dle')

subWindow = viz.addWindow(size=[0.5,1],pos=[0.5,1])

camera = ar.addWebCamera()
camera2 = ar.addWebCamera(window=subWindow)

marker1 = camera.addMarker('ar/patt.hiro',width=1000)
marker2 = camera2.addMarker('ar/patt.hiro',width=1000)

m1Axes = vizshape.addAxes()
axesLink1 = marker1, m1Axes )
m2Axes = vizshape.addAxes()
axesLink2 = marker2, m2Axes )
To increase the tracking space and use a single display with the data from multiple cameras it's necessary to calculate the relative pose between cameras and define a single coordinate system using that information.
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