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I have tested it out on a very slightly modified version of artoolkit_simple. The parts added included printing out the euler of the marker in an updateView function and adding in axes to link with the marker.

Below are the results from using the WorldViz marker and (number 31) matrix marker.

WorldViz Logo (one camera)

Matrix marker (one camera)

The axes are the correct position but as you can see from the output window the eulers are not what I would like them to be. E.g 0,0,0 in the above positions.

Also below are tests run with my even more modified example of the artoolkit_simple function which uses two cameras. The only thing added from the above tests is the addition of a second camera. Unlike the one camera examples these produce wrong orientations for the axes.

WorldViz Logo (two camera)

Matrix marker (two camera)

I should add that I haven't applied any transformation matrix to the camera in the second examples.

I guess from this it means that having two cameras is part of the problem. I understand the orientation of the axes being correct due to the positioning of the markers. Just trying to get my head around ensuring that the markers in this position display 0,0,0.

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