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I'd suggest you be sure you've isolated the cause of the problem. From reading this thread, I see you've had it working only a few times on your target computer while mostly it does not. Is it rock solid on the alternate computer (i.e., it has connected several times and never failed)?

If yes, then it's definitely a software issue. Can you tell us what version of the Intersense software you're running?

Also, if you haven't already done so, please try running Intersense's ISDemo application. This is a very reliable test program that supports all Intersense hardware and is an excellent gauge as to whether your system is working or not. You can run this directly off the CD without installing, but I'd encourage you do reinstall the Intersense software as ISServer is in fact a very useful helper app.

ISDemo should connect and find your cube immediately. If that works reliably on your target computer, then we'll know the problem is islolated to Vizard.

One other thing you might try in the next troubleshooting round is to disconnect any USB devices you have connected to your machine (include USB mice and keyboards). Intersense's autodetect function has been known to unreliably trip up when such devices are on the USB bus.

Thanks and sorry you've had to waste so much time on this troubleshooting.
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