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It looks like you were using the sensor that is built into the eMagin visor, and not the intersense cube here:

viz.go(viz.QUADBUFFER | viz.FULLSCREEN)'emagine.dls'),viz.MainView)

because you are using 'emagin.dls' rather than 'intersense.dls.' That would also explain why you had no control over the viewpoint when you rotated the cube, nor when you tried to reset it.

But when you used this:

import viztracker
viztracker.go(viz.QUADBUFFER | viz.FULLSCREEN)

the viztracker module detected your intersense cube, and things behaved as expected.

That's my guess anyhow.

We also use an eMagin visor, and as I recall, it links by default to the mouse cursor, so that might explain your viewpoint's odd behavior. You can turn off the eMagin sensor by opening the Visor Utility and checking the "Disable Sensor" box on the Motion Sensor tab.

I hope that is useful. Good luck.
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This time, it should work...
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