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Hi Farshizzo,

I tried the vicon.dle, but it still can not work, the code I am using is:

vicon = viz.add('vicon.dle',0,'')
body = vicon.getBody(0)
marker = vicon.getMarker(0)

print body.getName()
print marker.getName()

The error message:
** Vicon Error: Server connection timed out (0)
** ERROR: Failed to connect to Vicon server at
** ERROR: Failed to create extension: vicon.dle
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<string>", line 11, in ?
File "", line 5, in ?
body = vicon.getBody(0)
AttributeError: 'VizExtension' object has no attribute 'getBody'

Do you know what is the problem?
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