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Lightbulb 2nd question - IS vertical slider possible?

Hi all,
As I am slowly learning the very basics, I would really like some help to know the following...

is it possible to display a gui slider vertically?

I have displayed one horizontally and after much fiddling around (I dont know python, still learning slowly) I managed to do what i want , i.e i wanted to display an object and scale it bigger and smaller with a slider with this code
def myslider(obj, pos):
bed.setScale( .01*pos, .01*pos, .01*pos )


However, can I add:

1) a vertical slider so that the object can be moved up and down? if so what would the code look like?

2) I wanted to use a live webcam as the background image. there is a tutorial that maps the webcam as a texture to a quad.
Can the live webcam image just be mapped as the "background" just like you can clear the background to a basic color, can it be "cleared" to the webcam image?

I tried unsuccessfully to map the webcam live image to the skydome, but that just distorts the webcam image

Thanks in advance!
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