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it's not fully predictable what will work and what not, it's very similar as if you are planning to use this computer for games like halflife etc. -- but most likely Vizard will run 100%fine even on the version without the nVidia card with just the intel onboard graphics.

and as you say, if there is a performance issue, you can always reduce the window size.
i had a toshiba satellite laptop from 5 years ago for a long time, and it worked OK with vizard as long as the texture memory was not exceeded and I was running in a very small window.

we have Vizard running on several computers here at the office with Intel based onboard graphics, and it tends to run 100%fine on the newer ones of those onboard graphics units.

so you are probably OK with the non-nvidia option, however, it's not 100% sure that everything works ...
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