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AMD graphics hardware seems not to preload object

I've got a problem with AMD graphic cards that doesn't show up on Nvidia hardware.

When I load a world containing multiple models they vizard option preload should cause all object to be loaded in the graphics ram, but looking around the world will cause a distinct stutter when ever a new object gets in view for the first time. After an object has been in view the stutter will not reoccur any more. I've seen this problem on different AMD grahic card models so it's not likely linkend to a particular model.

Nvidia hardware doesn't show this problem but will not produce a fluent moving image with object far away. These object far away seem to shake slightly while the framerates are around 60 fps. This problem with NVidia and the need for the eyefinity feature of AMD makes it that I need/want to use AMD graphics card but I need a solution for the initial stutters/loading problems.
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