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Still having issues!!!

Hello, Jeff. I tried the camera function but I'm still not receiving my desired output. That line of coding removes gives a black screen. To help you get a better understanding I've attached a word document with the output I want, the screen shots of the output I'm receiving, and my source code. Thanks in advance for all your assistance.

Design: Virtual Assembly Program

Equipment/ Software: Web Camera, Epson Projector, and ARtoolkit markers

Goal: I need the web camera for tracking purposes only. I want the projector to render the virtual 3D
Model without video feedback from the web camera (NOT THE WEB CAMERA).

Output: Iím getting feedback from both the web camera and projector.

Paths: I tried replacing camera = ar.addWebCamera() with camera = ar.addWebCamera(window=None)
and I receive a black screen and feedback.
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