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Hi Tokola,

I'm a little pressed for time with projects so I can't give detailed answers on everything right now, but the short answer is I'd switch to a Gradient Ramp or a static texture instead of Checker, and I'd make sure you have keyframes for the UV animation because that for sure should be showing up in Inspector.

The most likely reason the texture is showing gray when tiling is set to 0 would be from sampling from the edge between black and white.

I'll give you some details of how the exporter deals with parametric textures (checker, stucco, marble, etc.):
Parametric textures are rendered down to static images at a fixed resolution of 256 x 256. It works using the same method as Max's "Render Map" utility in the material editor, with the same limitations.

Things like a 1.0 x 1.0 checker map work normally, while non tiling ones based off things like perlin noise like Marble and Cellular can have unintended results. It's better to manually render the textures to get more control.

Changing the tiling on a parametric texture affects the region that is rendered, so a 1.0 x 1.0 texture looks like this:

while a checker texture with modified tiling, a W angle, and a U offset looks like this:

These are both rendered from Max but the result in Vizard is pretty much identical, minus the anti aliasing.
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