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thank you; I din't know about this (you might want to add it in the article about shaders). I changed the setting to UV and get different results in Max viewport, render, Worldviz Inspector, and Vizard runtime! You can check the image and see for yourself that one issue is tiling, while the other one is that Vizard does not recognize full transparency of the map (in neither Inspector or run-time). The Inspector seems to maintain the checker shape (ignoring U tiling: 0) with gradient (I'm not sure where it reads this from) but not the diffuse map color. Vizard run-time is closer (no tiling issue) but still draws the 100% transparent part of the object (top).

I guess you can understand what I'm trying to do. I want to simulate the level of a liquid inside a tank and then use UV animation to animate it. Your help is greatly appreciated!
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