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Question 3DS Max to Vizard osbg Scaling Issue


I've imported an osgb model of a squash racket from 3DS Max into Vizard, but my scale is all off. I've tried fixing the scale within 3DS Max by going to 'Customize' -> 'Units Setup' -> 'System Unit Setup' as described in the guide linked below by Vizard and re-exported with no luck. I have gone through and made sure all other options and menu settings in 3DS Max were to Vizard's exporting specifications. I've also tried fixing the model with the scaling function built in Vizard, but that quickly turned out to be too much of a hassle since there is no easy factor to scale by.

This model needs to link up perfectly to a motion captured physical racket for an experiment, so getting the scaling correct is really important. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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