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Currently, you can only have one running copy of the vizconnect interface at a time.

Vizconnect uses websockets to communicate between the configuration interface and the vizard application. This error is generated when something is bound to the port vizconnect is trying to use. Can you check if you have a running Vizard process in the background. You may need to check task manager to verify.

If you don't have another Vizard process running, it may mean that another application is using that port.

You can also copy the following code into a script and run it to verify that the port is being used, without needing to run vizconnect directly. If you change the value of the port to another random number e.g. 9523, does the error still appear?

import socket

# check to see if the web server has already been started by a previous version
s = socket.socket()
address = 'localhost'
port = 8080 # port number is a number, not string
activeSocket = True
	s.connect((address, port)) 
except Exception, e:
	# good since we didn't connect, we can probably open socket
	activeSocket = False

if activeSocket:
	viz.logWarn('**Warning: Socket in use')
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