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Sensable arm control

Hello guys!

I'm new on Vizard and I'm testing the 5th version of it.

What I am trying to do with it is controlling a 3Dmodel arm with a sensable Omni Touch ,in my case I would use a robot as a model but I took the vcc_female model to do so.

I used the lookAt function as a fundation of my code and changed it to make the forearm of the model points to the marker which is representing my haptic device.

At first the model follow the marker only with the forearm which is not realistic at all because we would also use the upper one to track the haptic position.

At this point animating the bones becomes really difficult for me because firstly I'm new with vizard and don't know every function of it and secondly I'm new to animation too .

Could someone help me or has an idea of a method of doing it?

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