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trouble tracking with VRPN

We are trying to simply track one light on someone's head to move them through a virtual world. This is our code.

	PORT_PPT = 1									
	isense = viz.add('intersense.dls')	# load Intersense
	viz.tracker()						# start tracking
	isense.reset()						# reset Intersense cube


	vrpn = viz.add('vrpn7.dle')

	trackers = []
	for id in range(0,1):
		marker = vrpn.addTracker('PPT0@' + PPT_HOSTNAME, id)
		trackers.append (marker)

                 if id is 1:
			view = viz.get(viz.MAIN_VIEWPOINT), view)

We put marker ID 1 on the HMD, and we have the VRPN loaded in the PPT and we hit talk and we see the light being tracked and we can get data out in Vizard, but the person doesn't move in the world.

Thanks for your help!
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