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Live Characters plugin

Hi all,

We have the Live Characters plugin installed, but after adding the Live Characters device in MotionBuilder and turning it online, I can't adjust the settings of live, recording and model binding. One problem could be the license: we didn't get a license with the Live Characters plugin, but we're arranging that now. I don't know if licensing the plugin will solve the problem. Does someone here know that?

Furthermore, I connected an actor to a marker (via Dtrack listener for the coordinates of the marker) and the actor moves when I move the marker. Then I added an avatar in MotionBuilder and I set the input type to Actor Input. When I set the actor on active, the avatar moves with the actor in MotionBuilder. However, when I load a Vizard script that connects to the Live Character server of MotionBuilder, the loaded avatar doesn't move when I move the marker. So in MotionBuilder, the character keeps on moving when the marker is moved after loading the script but in Vizard, the character doesn't move when the marker is moved. I think the solution is that the Live Character device has to be set on active (that's why that was my first question). If anybody knows the solution to this problem, then I would be happy to hear.
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