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something to add to your docs re: .wav files and lip flapping

Hello. I spent some time last night trying to get a .wav file that I hard recorded to display proper lip flapping using the avatar.loadSpeech command. I had some trouble because I could not find any specifics in terms of what kHz, etc. to save the wave file as. I had a sample .wav file that worked, where as mine did not.

The sample .WAV file that I used to produce the lip flapping in with the audio synch feature of Vizard appears to be:

22kHz, 16-bit, Microsoft 8-bit PCM encoded

After much trial and error, I got my audio file to function properly in Vizard by saving them as Microsoft 8-bit PCM encoded .wav files.

If this is the desired format for .wav files to function properly with the avatar.loadSpeech command in Vizard, I think it should be documented.


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