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Have you downloaded the VRPN source code? It contains a few examples of connecting to a device and retrieving data from it. Here is a rough outline of what the code should look like:
void handle_pos(void *userdata, const vrpn_TRACKERCB t)
	printf("Marker %d: %.2lf, %.2lf, %.2lf\n",t.sensor,t.pos[0],t.pos[1],t.pos[2]);

//Create tracker object
vrpn_Tracker_Remote *tracker = new vrpn_Tracker_Remote("PPT0@YourMachineName");

//Setup callback for when new position data comes in
tracker->register_change_handler(NULL, handle_pos);

//Need to call this every frame to receive data

//Cleanup tracker when exiting
delete tracker;
The only way to get data from the PPT is either through VRPN or from the serial port using our own API. Our API is on our PPT download page.
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