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Fov while using STEREO_HORZ in cave

Hi all,
I'm using a cave from Vistandard. In the current settings, it puts left view on the right half of the screen and vice versa for right view. When I turn on the stereo mode of the projector, the left view and right view will be put together (horizontally extended).
So I need to use viz.STEREO_HORZ as the vizard stereo mode and swap the right and left view to make it work correctly with shutter glasses.
My question is:
The vizcave makes use of the input wall size to compute what an observer should see. eg. if fov is 90 deg for a 3 meter wall in real world and I input 3 meter as the wall width to vizard, the fov used in computing a display on that wall should be 90 deg.
But what will happen if I use viz.STEREO_HORZ as the vizard stereo mode, will each monocular still be set with fov==90 deg or it will be set with fov==45 deg?
I'm trying to compare the visibility range of world under different vizard stereo mode and will update later on this topic.
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