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Mismatched Translation Between Real Motion and Display

Iím using Optotrak to capture motion to update the visual scene accordingly. However, I canít get the scene to react properly to the marker motion. Below is how the first-person view in the scene changes when moving I move with the marker.
  • Marker turns to the left = scene turns to the left
  • Marker turns to the right = scene turns to the right
  • Marker moves forward = scene moves to the right
  • Marker moves backward = scene moves to the left
  • Marker moves left = scene moves forward
  • Marker moves right = scene moves backward

When we rotate left and right, the scene updates how we want. But as shown above, the 4 translations do not update the scene correctly. I performed my Optotrak alignment to match the XYZ coordinates of the pit.osgb model that Vizard provides, but the real-life motion still doesnít update the visual scene correctly.

Am I approaching this wrong? Is there something I need to add to the script regarding the coordinate system?

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