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Exclamation Collision in Corner Cave

I have looked everywhere for a solution to my problem and have been unsuccessful. I need help to determine why my collision does not work inside of my Corner Cave. When I don't use the trackers (meaning outside of the Cave), collision works just fine. But as soon as I go into the Cave and turn on the trackers, it no longer works.

Inside of my viztracker file, I have the following bit of code:


def onCollision(info):
print "COLLIDED"

viz.callback(viz.COLLISION_EVENT, onCollision)

Every time I run the program, it prints a whole slew of "COLLIDED" lines, meaning that the collisions are registering. However, when I walk into objects using the Wand's Joystick, I just walk right through them. PLEASE help me, as I have looked everywhere and no such solution exists. Thanks in advance!
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