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Still Confused

I'm still really confused on what the purpose of the FallAction class is. Would it be possible to give a brief synopsis of what it entails. Specifically, I'd like to know what the following lines do. Thanks,
fall = viz.ActionData() = [5,5,5]
fall.actionclass = FallAction
I was also wondering if there was any documentation as to what[0][1][2] meant in the following code. Is there any additional information on the details of this actiondata declaration?

	def begin(self,object):
		self.distance =[0]
		self.speed =[1]
		self.anim =[2]
		self.amount = 0
		yaw = object.get(viz.EULER)[0]
		self.vector = [-math.sin(yaw*vizmat.DEG_TO_RAD),0,-math.cos(yaw*vizmat.DEG_TO_RAD)]
		self.pos = object.get(viz.POSITION)

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