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Thanks for replying!

Using both complete map and lighting map methods, I end up with a scene that looks like 3.JPG.

I have a few questions about the new tutorial:

- The light created in the tutorial has a very low multiplier, lower than I've ever used for a key light. I usually just use a multiplier of 1, and that worked before. Why would .3 be better?

- What does the "ambient only" box do?

-The light created in the tutorial is not casting shadows. How are shadows going to be baked if they are not being cast by the light?

- In the export dialog in the tutorial, the "export lights" box is checked but "turn off lighting" is also checked. What does the "turn off lighting" box do?

-I don't have Inspector. Can I download it for free, and will it help with the debugging process?

Here is my script:
import viz
behgrnd = viz.add('beh-029g.IVE')
behgrnd.disable(viz.LIGHTING) # the result is still 3.JPG with this commented out
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