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Using Oculus and Vicon for updating in pit


I have troubling using Oculus DK2 for orientation updating and Vicon for position updating in pit. The following is the snippet of codes I use for updating

HTML Code:
def UpdateView():
    p = pos.getPosition() ##use Vicon for position updating
    x = -p[1]/1000  ## position conversion
    y = p[2]/1000
    z = p[0]/1000
    o = sensor.getEuler() ##use Oculus for orientation updating
    viz.MainView.setEuler(o[0], o[1], o[2],viz.BODY_ORI)
    viz.MainView.setPosition(x,y,z,viz.HEAD_POS) ##set the position
The orientation updating is OK but not the position. I have to comment the following codes to make the position tracking work
HTML Code:
faller = PitTrackedFaller(head_tracker),viz.MainView)
However, this disables the faller. When can I do in this case? Thank you!
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