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I tried your script, and you are right. It is unable to detect the Wii mote every time.

However, I have tried utilizing several blue tooth stacks and two different blue tooth devices (both of which work on other computers).

I've tried BlueSoleil, Windows Blue tooth stack, and finally Toshiba's stack and I still can not get vizard to recognize the wii mote.

In addition, I've tried other wiimote programs such as GlovePIE and they are able to recognize the remotes when plugged in.

Is there anything else you could think of that could cause the problem?

I did, after several failures, get it to work when 2 motes were plugged in a one of them had an LED lit up while the other went dead.

However, there was almost no real time responce. THe arrow would jump from place to place seemingly at random.


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