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Temporarily cease Oculus DK2 rendering or hide display

I'm wondering if there is a way to momentarily stop rendering on the Oculus DK2? I'm looking to do something analogous to:

viz.setOption('viz.window.visible', 0)
I've tried this with my current setup and it hides the mirrored window on my PC's monitor but it does nothing to the rendering on the Oculus itself. Here is the code I use to setup the DK2:

import oculus

hmd = oculus.Rift()
if not hmd.getSensor():
	sys.exit('Oculus Rift not detected')
	profile = hmd.getProfile()

# Setup navigation node and link to main view
global navigationNode
navigationNode = viz.addGroup()
global viewLink
viewLink =, viz.MainView)
Any ideas or methods I can use to hide/stop rendering on the DK2 without stopping the whole program?
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