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I tried all kinds of things including disabling firewall & virus scanner etc. and stopping just about any program that can be stopped without killing windows - but no success.
The only thing that finally kind of worked (i.e., allows me to start vizard at all and run programs) was to change the compatibility level for Vizard.exe (right-click on Vizard.exe, under compatibility, select "execute with 256 colors".)
Not a good workaround, as this means everything has only 8bit color while running Vizard, but at least a start...
Any ideas/suggestions what might be the issue?

When running a vizard program, I get the following warning, maybe this helps to figure out what is going on...
Producer::VisualChooser: unable to setup a valid visual with WGL extensions, switching to compatibility mode

I know my laptop is a few years old, but it normally handles more than 256 colors ;-)
Any help would be highly appreciated!

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